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EKON – Total Smart Home Solution - Plug & Play technology !

EKON manufactures truly out of the box home automation system that is Easy to Install,
Simply to Use ... and best of all - it is AFFORDABLE.

EKON system is a Total Smart Solution to control all the electrical devices in both Homes and Offices. The system is Plug & Play system that works out of the box and it mainly consist of 3 basic elements: 1. Control panels (wireless touch screens and wall mount or table mount touch screens). These include the build-in controller units which can be wired or wireless. 2. Wall switches to control lights, appliances, motorized curtains / blinds, etc. 3. Security elements – close circuit cameras and alarm system

The communication between the wall switches and the touch controllers is done on the exciting power line so there is no need to run extra data wires – simply install EKON’s wall switches and the system is ready to operate. The system is easily setup by the end-user on the touch screen itself so there is no need for PC programming.
EKON system’s features:
  • Control up to 224 loads (dimmer, on/off switch, motor, IR…)
  • 32 Scenes – control many devices at the same time
  • 5 Timers for each Scene & 5 Timers for each Load
  • 64,000 house codes for maximum signal security
  • CCTV and Alarm system interface
  • EKON Plug & Play Technology (just Power and Ethernet)
  • Table Mount or Wall mount 10”, 12”, 15”, 17”, 19” touch screen
    with Black or White color metal frame
  • Direct User Setup on touch screen (no need PC)
  • Web Server HTML based software (no programming)
  • Local PC control with easy to use program
  • Internet Control for external control
  • Control system with PDA and Smart Phone
  • User Interface in any Language
  • Simultaneous Scene – control all load at same time
  • Immediate control (no signal delays to loads)
  • EKON Power Line works in area of > 10,000m2 property
  • Susceptible to noise on power line – 99.9% reliable
  • Receive Status Request - 2 way communication
  • Security Lighting – Random lights in Empty House
  • Optional 20 hardwired relay outputs
  • Optional Wireless LAN

Master Control Panel Control Products Dimmer/ On/Off-Switches Micro Modules (In-Wall) Wireless Control Panel (WiFi) Slave Touch Control Panel (In-Wall) Infrared Controller (IR Control) 4-Scene Controller